7th-12th Bible Study and History of Women in the Bible and Culture for Girls

We will mix and match various things each week from the list below:

*** We will have tea each week (teacher provided) and girls will learn about different types of teas and what world cultures have used them and a brief history/trivia of tea.

*** Two different girls will bring a small snack that goes with tea and that has some historical/cultural significance (scones, biscuits, sweet breads, home-made donuts :), etc.) and we will learn briefly what different world cultures eat with tea.

*** We will learn about one woman of the Bible each week from the book "Seven Women" by Eric Metaxes.

*** We will take a small section of the Bible and the Teacher will read it while the girls drink tea, eat 'Tea-food', and work on their craft.

*** We will alternate doing a craft of crocheting (basic) and drawing and embroidering each class (i.e. crocheting and drawing one week, embroidering and drawing the next week) . The girls will do this craft while the teacher reads from the Bible and from the books. The teacher will emphasize that you don't need to be proficient in these crafts, just do them for fun - [we will also learn about things women did in groups together throughout history: quilting, baking, peeling chile, weaving, crocheting & knitting, washing clothes.... ]

*** I will take excerpts from the book "Flourish: How the Love of Christ Sets Us Free from Self-Focus" and we will discuss it together (no pressure). 

*** We will keep a list (in our drawing books) of prayer requests (last 15 minutes of class) and we will end by praying: ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication)

Class fee will be $2 - $6, depending on if the girl has her own crochet needle, yarn and handkerchief


Student Limit: 
Teacher Limit: