Sick Day Policy

  • Do not bring children to co-op who have shown any symptoms of illness in the last 24 hours, including but not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, green runny nose, or fever.
  • In the event that you are unable to attend a co-op class because you or one of your children is sick, but you would still like your healthy children to be able to attend co-op, you have the following options:
    1. Your spouse or another adult family member may bring your healthy children but must remain on the premises during co-op. They may take your place in your classroom or attend your child’s class. Please inform the council who will be bringing your children and have them check-in at the front desk.
    2. You may send your children to co-op with an adult co-op member besides yourself or your spouse, who will be at co-op and who is willing to be responsible for your children. 
  • Please fill out the form online as soon as possible to inform her that you will not be coming to co-op and to let her know if you will be sending your healthy children with someone else. The council would like to be aware of any adult absences in order to maintain safe student to teacher ratios in the classrooms.
  • It is highly recommended that your whole family stay home if there is any possibility that your family may all be sick within the next few days.
  • We understand that life happens, but if you miss three or more co-op days your account will be flagged.  This means you will be able to register for the next term only after everyone else has registered.   Because we run on a first come first serve basis, this means you may not get your class choices for the term or may even not be able to participate at all.